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Key Martial Arts Mighty Ninjas

In our Mighty Ninja program, our focus is more than just punching and kicking. Our main goal is to train our students in focus, control, discipline, and many other life skills. These classes are packed with positive messages and activities that are certain to help your littlest one develop essential motor skills and learn the basics without the competitive environment.

Key Martial Arts Kids Jiu Jitsu

Kids BJJ encourages friendship and teamwork among children, as they often train and spar with partners. It fosters a supportive and inclusive community that can help kids develop strong relationships and a sense of belonging. Kids jiu-jitsu offers a well-rounded approach to physical and mental development while promoting important values like discipline, respect, and self-confidence.

Key Martial Arts Teen Program

Between social media, peer pressure, and the demands of school, kids today have a lot of distractions. Taekwondo is the perfect activity for your student, providing benefits that go far beyond the dojo. Martial arts help kids gain confidence, learn discipline, focus their energy, foster respect for others, and be a part of a one-of-a-kind community full of future friends and mentors!

Key Martial Arts Youth Program

As your child gets older, a more intense level of training will be introduced, but don’t worry! Our key philosophies are always in place at Key Martial Arts. We understand that classes have to be as fun and positive as they are challenging. With a winning merit badge program, your child will watch as he or she earns a place in the next rank.

Key Martial Arts Adult Program

What was your last resolution? If you’re like many people, at the start of every year, month, week, or even day, you probably set some kind of resolution for yourself. Want to learn a quick secret? Martial arts training can actually help you achieve some of those resolutions.