When making the choice between yoga and martial arts, it is important to consider the many similarities, but also the major differences between the two.

Both martial arts and yoga offer mental, emotional, and physical advantages.  Flexibility and overall strength can both be improved through the practice of either martial arts or yoga, which explains why both have been practiced and enjoyed for centuries.

While you don’t really have to choose one or the other – both can be practiced and the lessons in each can offer beneficial growth in the other – if you truly want to pick just one, know that both can be treated as a hobby or may become a way of life, depending on your level of interest and dedication.  From now and for all of the foreseeable future, both yoga and martial arts training can be consistently altered and advanced to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your workout.  And, while both will push you physically, mentally, and emotionally, they offer a sort of comfort and peace that other forms of physical activity do not.

It is the differences between the two that often lead a person to choose martial arts.  While yoga does offer a number of benefits, it cannot teach self-defense, which is a useful and practical skill to be gained through the practice of martial arts.  And, though yoga does encourage one to step away from the stresses of life to find peace, serenity, and balance, martial arts teaches a person to find balance and control, even in the face of great challenges.  When one can conquer feelings of stress, anxiety and panic, life becomes much more enjoyable.  That means that peace and serenity are easier to hold on to.

In summary, practicing yoga means taking a step away from the stress of real life.  Practicing martial arts is learning to find peace while contending with the stresses of life.