We’ve all seen the various weight-loss and workout programs that come and go, in the way that trends do, but few remain at the forefront for very long.  Why is that?  Many of these fad plans are marketed to those individuals who are always wanting to lose weight back lack the self-motivation to follow the plan through.  Others are too intense for beginners or can’t be adapted based on skill level.  Some only get a person to a certain point and then fail to grow with the individual.

If you are really seeking a workout routine that will help you lose weight and keep it off, karate is the better option because:

Calories Burn Away Quickly

Many of those trendy workout plans do boast an ability to help you shed a lot of calories in a relatively short workout.  Karate can do the same, but without the frustration of ‘throwing you into the fire’ figuratively speaking.  Karate training is adapted based on skill level, so a 185 pound person can burn nearly 450 calories in a single 30 minute session, while training at a personalized level.

Fun Means Forgetting

So many of those aerobic routines are mass marketed and lack personalization, socialization, and in-person training.  Karate training is done in a fun environment that encourages a person to grow.  You’ll have so much fun, in fact, that you’ll forget that you are working out.


Because martial arts classes are based on skill level, the programs grow with the individual. You won’t get stuck in a rut, because as you improve, you will be exposed to new challenges and that means that you will continue to lose weight and you will keep it off.

Physical and Emotional Rewards

Karate training doesn’t just focus on the physical growth, it also has a lot to do with mental- and emotional training.  It builds confidence, self-esteem, and willpower.  That means that you will feel better about you, and you will find the inner courage to stick with your weight loss plans.