If you have a license, then chances are that you have been exposed to road rage before.  While, in most cases, the offenses end with a rude gesture or a few screamed words of frustration, much worse has happened in the past.  The media in the country has capture serious incidents, and even covered the stories of people killed in road rage situations.  However, these stories are not unique to the United States.  There are drivers all over the world who find it difficult to control their tempers.  And, when road rage flares, bad things can happen.

Fortunately, one man traveling the roads of China was equipped with several years’ worth of martial arts training when he came up against road rage.

Martial arts teaches us to evaluate a situation before deciding whether it is better to flee or to stay and fight.  In most instances, it would have been better for the man to simply get away, but in this case that wasn’t an option.

He was on a motorbike when another rider cut him off and then cut the engine and came at him with a baseball bat.  The victim barely had time to get off his own bike before the man was waving the weapon in his face, and definitely wouldn’t have had the time to get away.

So, when facing the man with the baseball bat, without a weapon of his own, he put his martial arts training to good use.  As the aggressor came at him with the bat, he executed a clean and powerful kick that broke the bat and sent splinters of wood flying. Surprised and no longer armed, the angry motorist three the broken piece of bat and took off on his bike.  This is a great example of the power of martial arts training.  The victim was unhurt, he caused no physical harm to the aggressor, but diffused the situation and was able to ride away safely.

The incident was caught on camera and immediately went viral, but if you want to know more about it, then you can read more at Yahoo News.