Just because you are over the age of 55 doesn’t mean that you are done living, done having fun with life, done learning new skills.  There is a changing point of view related to aging, and we believe that that is a wonderful thing.

In addition to helping people stay healthier and happier, it also means that more adults are trying martial arts for the first time.  That can be a very empowering experience and one that we definitely want to encourage.  After all, self-defense is a very important skill, and staying active can prolong your life.

There are a few tips that we want to offer, though, if you are considering trying martial arts for the first time:

  1. See a Doctor First Though this sounds very cliché, it is a very important point to make. A doctor can help you determine whether or not your body is capable of taking on the stretches, maneuvers, and intensity of martial arts training.  We want you to feel good about your training, not bad because of it.
  2. Give it a Try Most studios will let you sit in, take a look, or even try a martial arts class out before requiring you to sign up and pay a membership fee. So, make the most of the opportunity as you try to find the best fit for you.
  3. Stretch! We cannot emphasize this enough. Regardless of your age, stretching is an essential part of martial arts training.  As we age, we tend to get tighter and less limber.  That means a greater risk of injury.  Do your body a favor and stretch before and after each workout.
  4. Treat Martial Arts as a Piece of Your Workout Strategy For most people, martial arts training will be just once or twice per week, that leaves a lot of time for other activities. We suggest that you do some conditioning or strength training outside of the dojo to keep your body fit and prepared for classes.
  5. Talk to the Instructor Be sure to speak up if you have questions or concerns, if you are having trouble with particular movements, if you have been injured, or if you simply don’t understand the instruction. It is important to be open with the instructor.  You will get more from the classes, and it could prevent injuries or unnecessary soreness later.