It goes by many different names. Perseverance. Persistence. Steadfastness. What it means is to avoid quitting, to keep on going even when you want to give up.


Nothing in life goes as you expect. You fail a test. You get an unexpected bill. You can’t master a particular skill. These obstacles can deter many people. They can make the universe seem like it’s out to get you. That can become an overwhelming feeling. To not quit is to handle this with both gentleness and toughness.


The toughness has to come from failing and getting back up to try again. Quitting isn’t falling or failing. Staying down – that’s the quitting part. It takes training to always get back up again, to be resilient in the face of what seems overwhelming. It takes resolve and self-confidence.


That’s where gentleness comes in. You have to be understanding and forgiving of yourself. You have to learn because if you stubbornly make the same mistakes over again, you’ll fail the exact same way. Failing is an act of learning, and not quitting means putting those new lessons you’ve learned into practice.


Put those two things together: getting up, and learning from having fallen in the first place. It’s a difficult habit to learn, but once you do, life opens up to you. Not quitting is a rare combination of softness and hardness, because we will always be failing at something in life. The key is to get back up again, lessons learned and implemented, so that we can try again.


Not quitting isn’t just trying the same thing over and over again until you break either the obstacle or yourself. Not quitting is being open to learning, expanding what you can do and what you think you can do. It’s the act of removing doubt, because the number one factor in our staying down and thinking we shouldn’t get back up again? That’s doubt, and doubt is what we need to beat. At Key Martial Arts, we focus on expanding what you can do, teaching you new skills and new habits that don’t just translate into martial arts, but also help you carry the lessons learned here into other avenues of life.