It is really important to feed your body the right way, especially if you are training as a martial artist.  You are asking your body to perform at its peak potential, but that definitely isn’t going to happen if you are not giving it the right sort of fuel.

While we would never deny any person the joys of a tasty, sugary treat, or the occasional order of chips or fries, these things should really be enjoyed in moderation. There are many very delicious options that will serve your body much better as you put it through a rigorous martial arts routine.  So, be sure that you are getting a good mix of grains, vegetables, protein, dairy, and fruits to give yourself the advantage in the dojo.

Attempt to mix and match from each of these categories at each meal.  Also understand that within each group – especially proteins, dairy, and grains – there are superior choices, and lesser selections.

Whole grains are always best.  They are packed with fiber, which will be more slowly broken down by your body, which means that you have that energy boost for a longer period of time, and that your blood sugar levels remain more consistent.  Look for brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, or, when you are in need for a quick snack, baked tortilla chips.

In the protein category, consider fish, chicken, turkey, and other lean proteins.  These aren’t adding unnecessary unhealthy fat to your diet.  There are good fats, however, and proteins like nuts, beans, and salmon can give you the best of both.

Dairy is another concerning area.  Some dairy is high in sugar, fat, and calories, however if you choose the right dairy, you will get an energy boost and deliver a healthy dose of necessary vitamins to your body.  Look for skim milk, light yogurt, and healthy smoothies.